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Clinton Community Schools


Clinton Community Schools

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HS Athletic Director: Jeff Waltz

HS Phone: (517) 456-2046

If you need immediate assistance contact Shelbi Freeman at 517-456-7250

Colors: Red & Black
Mascot: Redskins

Mission Statement:
A sound student athletic program is not an accident; it is conscientiously planned and directed by individuals who recognize it’s important to the educational environment. The purpose of educational athletics is to explain the philosophies, objectives, regulations, and procedures of the Clinton High School student athletes and their programs. In establishing these guidelines, the following factors are considered: 

1.   Safeguarding the health of participants in the athletic program;
2.   Providing opportunities for student participation;
3.   Establishing standards that cultivate healthy interpersonal relationships among  participants;
4.   Maintaining the highest quality of student athletics;
5.   Promoting a healthy school/community relationship;
6.   Promoting congenial relationships with other schools.

In accordance with the goals of education, the Clinton Community Schools athletic philosophy is to help young people develop mentally, physically, emotionally and intellectually to their fullest potential.  The athletic program contributes to this goal by providing middle school and high school students with opportunities to participate as team members in sports competition with other schools.  The development of physical skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, loyalty, tolerance and perseverance are desired individual outcomes.

Yours in Athletics,
Athletic Director

Clinton Community Schools Title IX Coordinator is Jeff Waltz and can be contacted at or at 517-456-2046.


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